The Japanese people have chosen the kanji for “kizuna” or “bond, connections” as the one that summarizes 2011. Not “wazawai” or disaster, but bonds. You have to admire them for making such a positive statement. Perhaps defiance is part of the sentiment, as with 09/11. But ultimately they are looking forward into their future, not back to what once was or could have been. 

I have decided I will take the same approach now that I find myself on the cusp of a whole new year: I will ascribe the events of 2011 to experience and start a new chapter. No clean breaks, that would be stupid. I won’t disregard the learnings of experience that I have so painstakingly gained. I will continue to weave the fabric of my life, with the people that are important to me, adding some new found threads and phasing out any patterns that have outlived their usefulness. Hail the new year!


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