You are hurt. Get to cover…

…is the advice that is popping up on the TV as my husband is playing some war game. Blood splatters onto the screen as his warrior runs towards a shack. How apt, I think, just what I need. I am stretched out in the sofa staring at the moon, trying to think of nothing. The moon is particularly alluring tonight, huge and with a tinge of orange. And yet it does not manage to take my mind off today’s disappointments. I crave shelter from the world and the demands it makes on me. I too need a place to stay out of sight and compose myself. I have to emerge again tomorrow, looking strong and ready to battle. I resolve to ignore the blackberry, roll my mind into a ball, pour myself a glass of wine, and curl up with the snoring dog. I tell the kids we will talk about their stuff tomorrow, and let my thoughts bounce within my mental ball. Hopefully by tomorrow something nicely polished will emerge.


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