Arrested in a disused metro station in Paris in a full wetsuit

Apparently this happened to someone known to a colleague of mine. I can’t stop fantasizing how on earth he got there. I must ask my colleague next week to expand on this summary he dangled out there, to get us all to reveal something nobody else knows we have done.

What intrigues me most is the wetsuit. What was he plotting in the middle of Paris that would require a wetsuit? Exploring the catacombs via the sewage system? I imagine rats and cobwebs, drip-drip-dripping and dank air. Dark – with a flame torch. But he was probably just getting ready for a stag party wasn’t he.

How do you get into a disused metro station? Does anyone even know where there is one? Maybe the Parisians do. Again I conjure dank darkness, where there may actually have been stark fluorescent lighting that nobody had bothered to cut off. I picture the lone diver plodding towards the hole in the wall that leads to the catacombs, while he probably was just drinking beer with his mates. And he was probably arrested for trespassing. How boringly mundane.

What should I reveal about myself? That I once walked into the office full of young men (I was their age then) with my black skirt tucked into my sunny yellow underwear? Nah, I’ve probably already told someone that. That I have eaten jellyfish? Boring. That I once had a brief chat with Harrison Ford in a lift? Yeah, I may go with that one.

Harrison Ford

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4 responses to “Arrested in a disused metro station in Paris in a full wetsuit”

  1. mooselicker says :

    You: “Indiana Jones!” – yelled across the street

    Harrison Ford: nods

    Am I right?

    • kato writes says :

      Only in my head… I didn’t see him coming, he stepped into my lift with 2 hulks. They looked me over and decided I wasn’t some crazy b and stayed. Awe is an awful thing, I only asked him whether he was having a nice day or something. He was very nice.

  2. The Awake List says :

    Having recently moved to Paris, I haven’t yet come across any disused métro stations… Perhaps I’ll need to keep my eyes peeled for one. And for any strange men lurking around in wetsuits!

    Great post 🙂

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