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Decisions, decisions

I read somewhere that if you found yourself unable to make a decision because there are many unknowns or equally valid points on both sides, you should toss up a coin. Wait for it – this is not a call to dodge the issue! You will find that as the coin starts its descent you instinctively hope for a certain outcome. Catch the coin before it lands, you have your answer. Don’t let the coin confuse you now.

You knew instinctively what you had to do, but we are so conditioned to weigh all the risks and upsides that we reason ourselves into a deadlock. Many decisions warrant careful analysis of data. But even then you may have to take a leap of faith. You can find statistics to suit every future scenario, but you have to take a view on which scenario is the most likely to unfold.

Isn’t it sad that we should have to toss a coin to tap into our instinct? Perhaps adrenaline helps unlock it, harking back to the times when we had to make snap judgements to secure our catch and survive.

I thought i’d try tossing a coin to shortcut the endless reasoning that is going on in my head. It feels too much like a student debating society: lots of clever arguments that shine brightly but don’t necessarily lead anywhere.  Should I take a pillow day on Monday or not? I don’t do pillow days, I am a highly conscientious, reliable professional. But, I have worked way too much lately and I have a bit of a cold. And: the boss is not terribly pleased with me right now, so I should aim to please / might as well conform to the image. Shall I bow out for a day or show what I am made of? What am I made of? Ok, the coin it is…