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The Fly

Knock knock – “Can I ask you a question?” The man looked at me expectantly as he hovered in the doorway. I looked up, my concentration broken. Then I remembered: he was the new lawyer, only been here a few weeks. I had never had a proper conversation with him beyond polite phrases while brewing coffee. He seemed quite pleasant and eager. As my mind was mapping him my eyes were drawn to the fly that seemed to be following him like a pet. “Sure!” I managed in my most welcoming voice. Damn, the fly was breaking loose. It struggled to propel its heavy self but managed to zigzag its way over. Encouraged, the lawyer stepped forward and asked his question. I did my best to listen while I was transfixed by the fly – I am genetically predisposed to multitask, after all. The fly was carefully picking a good landing spot. Decision made, it headed straight for a nice flat letter on my desk. My focus was razor sharp. I slid a note pad into my right hand just in time to SLAM the fly to splat. “HA!” I let out triumphantly, looking up at the visitor in my doorway. He was clinging to my door, an expression of sheer terror on his face. If he hadn’t frozen on the spot he would have turned on his heels and run. Crazy lady!!  It was only then I realized what terror I had put the poor man through. I am a bad, bad person! I apologized profusely and assured him I was not usually violent. Flies just irritate the hell out of me, and I have to win over them. He has been cautiously polite to me ever since.